Welcome to the Southern Cross Owners Association (SCOA)

Southern Cross yachts were built by the C.E. Ryder Corporation between 1975 and 1990. Many of these ocean going
vessels have made significant voyages including several circumnavigations.

The Owners Association, SCOA. was founded in 1980 and is a active non-profit group of owners and enthusiasts.
SCOA has approximately 125 worldwide members. We publish three (3) annual newsletters, host a summer
rendezvous and annual meeting in the New England Area. We also encourage regional Fleet Captains to host SCOA

The purpose of SCOA is for the mutual benefit of sharing information on the upkeep and enjoyment of their Southern
Cross Yachts. SCOA encourages a close relationship between owners for the mutual advantage resulting from an
exchange of ideas on construction, maintenance, owner modifications, rigging, engine mechanics, electronics, sail
making and handling, seamanship, safety, navigation, cruising and various uses of the boats and to provide a social
forum through annual and regional meetings, joint cruises, croisieres pas cher and rendezvous.

If you are interested in joining dues are just $25/year on fill out the application and send to the SCOA Treasurer.


Nancy DeSisto
P.O. Box Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575
Email: nmdesisto@gmail.com
SC31-97 Aileron

**Vice Commodore **
Kevin Brown
115 Rockland Street Dartmouth, MA 02748
Email: Kbrown@stonehill.edu
SC28-20 Jade

Newsletter Editors
Bill Duggan
115 Upland Road
Concord, MA 01742
Phone: 978-369-2129
Office: 978-697-2730
Email: wjduggan2000@hotmail.com
SC-31 Hull #107 MoonCusser

West Coast Editor At Large
John Hallinan
email: sv_Horizons@Yahoo.com

**Treasurer Secretary/Treasurer; **

Debbie Duggan
115 Upland Road
Concord, MA 01742
Phone: 978-369-2129
SC-31 Hull #107 MoonCusser

# Welcome

The Southern Cross Owners Association (SCOA) is a non-profit organization of owners and enthusiasts
for Southern Cross Yachts (28, 31, 35 and the 39). SCOA has been established for many years, has
approximately 120 world wide members, publishes a newsletter and hosts a summer rendezvous and an
annual meeting in Newport Rhode Island. The annual meeting is usually held in February.
The main component of the Owners Association is information and fellowship. The newsletters contain
useful information on repairs, solutions, plans, cruising tips, equipment and sailing stories. It’s a good
source of information about how owners have dealt with the challenges of owning and sailing a cruising
boat. It’s also fun to hear about the adventures of others. We have members who send us letters from Bali to
the Caribbean and many places in between. The organization is fun and useful because they tie you into a
community of cruisers who have one thing in common, an interest in Southern Cross Yachts.
If you are interested in joining SCOA it costs $25 annually which includes the newsletters. We also have a
member directory and a few other things like a Burgee, video tapes of the Annual meetings, video tapes of
the past couple rendezvous in Newport RI.


November 19, 2022
Got Updates?
Moved? Changed email address? Do we have the right boat info?

The latest SCOA file containing member names, addresses, boat information, primary &
secondary email addresses has been posted to the Members only section of the SCOA Web Site
www.southerncross-boats.org This file, named SCOA Members Date-year is used to send you
paper and electronic versions of the newsletter and the new monthly email updates. It’s important to
keep this up to date and it changes often. There is an indicator if you receive electronic newsletter
only. So if you’re wondering why you either haven’t received the newest Monthly email news or
received the hardcopy newsletter we don’t have your most current contact information.

Take a minute, open the file and check your contacts. If you have changes please send an email
on what has changed to SCOA Secretary Treasurer at Deborah_Duggan@hotmail.com

The file posted is both a pdf and xls. This is not ideal but you should be able to open and review it.
As changes are received we will batch up the changes and then post an update with the new date.
Most likely not more frequently than monthly If there are no changes we will not update the file.

We are looking at more effective ways to make updating member information through self-service
and will have an update in early 2014.

November 19, 2022
Announcing SCOA Monthly eMail Newsletter
Last year we signed up for a program called Constant Contact in an effort to get the word out about
the 2022 Annual Meeting. We found this to be a helpful tool to keep in touch with our members in a
more informal, frequent basis. Since then we have sent out a couple more emails about asking for
input to the next newsletter and announcing the posting of Issue 87. We think this is such a good
idea we want to make it a monthly update especially as planning is underway for the 2014 Annual
Meeting and yet another newsletter in the works. SCOA Member and infamous Captain Ed, of
Captain Ed Sailing (http://www.captain-edcasazza.com/), has graciously accepted to assemble and
post these monthly emails. Captain Ed uses the Constant Contact tool for his business and posts
newsletters. We hope you find these monthly updates useful.

Southern Cross Newsletter
Next newsletter will be coming out in late November.
We will still continue to assemble a larger, more in depth newsletter much in the same format that
we use today but think the email news will help you keep in contact with other SCOA members.

October 15, 2022
Newsletter Issue 87 Posted to Web - under members only section
Check it out.

Make Plans for 2014 Annual SCOA Meeting - Feb 1, 2014 in Newport RI. Save the date. email
Commodore for more info.

June 21,2022
Maine SCOA Rendez-Vous is scheduled for August 17th in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.
Interested members please email Nancy DeSisto at nmdesisto@gmail.com by June 30th with your

We have about 5 boat owners who have already expressed interest for either sail-in or drive - in .

Options include town anchorage, DeSisto mooring in Blake’s cove; Marina mooring, drive in.
Nancy will follow-up with you about your plans and options.

If any members who wish to try the overnight across the Gulf of Maine and there are other members
who wish to crew, I will be happy to act as a clearing house to match you up.

The following are some web sites to give you some idea of the area: http://www.boothbayharbor.
com/; http://www.harborfields.com/; http://www.tugboatinn.com/tbi_marina.html; http://www.
carouselmarina.com/ ; http://www.boothbayharborcruises.com/
Harbor Master: http://www.boothbayharbor.org/index.php?

2022 SCOA Annual Meeting

Member Presentations
Ed Casazza
Michael DeSisto
Carol Bliven

Guest Presentations

Hope Swift of Swift Yacht Charters
has been invited to attend our meeting this year and provide an overview of world wide chartering
opportunities. Visit her web site at http://www.swiftyachts.com/

W. Larry Colantuono, General Manager/Vice President
Larry joined the Brewer family in 1996. As General Manager, he oversees the day-to-day operations at Brewer
Wickford Cove Marina. He enjoys meeting all of the types of people that a full service yacht yard brings; from
the seasoned yachtsman to the entry-level boater. He likes seeing the new faces walk through the doors who
seem to share a general enthusiasm about getting onboard, as well as those who have already found their
home. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, motorsports, and snowboarding.
Favorite Quote: “Horsepower equals dollars, how fast do you want to go?”

Bryan of Headsync Inc
Headsync LLC, based in Newport, Rhode Island is a fully insured company specializing in marine plumbing
services for boating enthusiasts and professionals in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
Headsync is also the Rhode Island distributor for Spectra Watermakers, the world’s most efficient marine
Bryan Cooney and JP Binette worked together in the marine service industry for three years before launching
Headsync LLC. The company came as a result of the shared work ethic and enthusiasm they brought to
designing and building the best marine systems for their customers Factory trained by Spectra Watermakers
and Vacuflush, they are also intimate with other marine plumbing systems including Headhunter, Microphor and

Bryan and JP have the skills to do the job right the first time, every time. They have installed, serviced, and
calibrated the most high-end plumbing products offered in the marine industry and customer service is a
priority before during, and after every job.

Sam Angelini- Marine Consignment of Wickford
Sam will describe how to buy and sell. What works what doesn’t to keep our boats going at a lower cost than
new replacement parts. From stem to stern, Marine Consignment of Wickford has a large selection of used
marine and nautical parts and products. Among its diverse and unique inventory are motors, lights, foul
weather gear, rudders and much more. For those looking for marine parts or just for some funky decor, this is
the place.

Members only password has been changed. Please email the Secretary/Treasurer for the 2012 password
and access to the newsletter, directory and annual meeting presentations.

Southern Cross Yachts

Models and Specs

Go here for some pictures, line drawings, profile views for each yacht -especially the 31. Some pictures have been included on this page but there is more information here The Fleet: pics, interior & exterior

Southern Cross 28

Model Southern Cross 28
LOA 30’5"
LWL 20’2"
Beam 8’6"
Draft 4’8"
Displacement 8500 lbs
Ballast 3400lbs
Under Sail Picture Pictures and Text from Brochure

Southern Cross 31

Model Southern Cross 31
LOA 31
LWL 25
Beam 9’6"
Draft 4’7"
Displacement 13,600lbs
Ballast 4,400 lbs

Specs | Lines Drawings | Sail Plan | Typical Engine Room Pic |
Color Brochure Ad | Factory Interior

Jack Hunt’s Southern Cross 31’ under sail | Profile Drawing |
SC31 with Tanbark Sails | Southern Cross 31 Ad - Text

Southern Cross 35

Model Southern Cross 35
LOA 35’3"
LWL 28
Beam 11’5"
Draft 4’11"
Displacement 17,710 lbs
Ballast 5750 lbs
Under sail brochure picture Specs

Southern Cross 39

Model Southern Cross 39
LOA 39
LWL 31
Beam 12’11"
Draft 5’4"
Displacement 21,000 lbs
Ballast 7,676 lbs
Line Drawings Under sail picture

Picture Gallery of Boats

Voyages & Cruises

Here is just a small sampling of some of the voyages that have been completed or are currently underway in
Southern Cross Yachts. Do you have more to add? Send them to the newsletter editors and we will be sure to
update this list.


SC35-008 Bunyip 1984-1988
SC31 - Pat Henry 1987-1997 First American woman to circumnavigate the globe
SC35 - Pat and Collen DeGroodt (199-2003)
SC31-148 Apogee Janet Murphy and George Smith (1986-2003)
SC28-65 Inspired Insanity - Donna Lange (2005-2007) Fastest American Woman Solo
SC39 Navstar Marvin Creamer - No ins
SC31 Jim and Barb McConn Spanish Stroll (2005-2009)

SC31-148 Apogee: Cruising 17 Years - 2 Transatlantic, Transpacific, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Completed n the
Med - Janet and George aboard Apogee
SC31 Pat Henry; First woman to circumnavigate the globe - 1997 (10 Years )
SC39 NAVSTAR - Marvin Creamer circumnavigates the Atlantic without instruments - Chart of voyage
SC31-085 Doug Peck in Gooney Bird: Following Columbus’s Wake - 87 day non-stop double transatlantic - 1988
SC31-040 Jack Hunt Crystal Catfish III: Two (2) - OSTAR (Observer Single Handed Transatlantic Race) - (one
race 44 days), Bermuda 1-2 Races

Transpacific/ Transatlantic and others

SC31-005 Renaissance - East coast to South Pacific, Single hand from San Francisco to New England - Clyde

SC39 - Ivy - Transatlantic

SC39 - Querida Grande Transatlantic - Cruising the Med

SC35-011 Cruxhaven; Montreal - Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia, New England

SC35-013; Simmer, Chesapeake to Bermuda; Pat DeGroodt

SC35-015; Synergy; Pacific Circle; Sharon Jacobs & David Cohan

SC31-040 Crystal Catfish III - Jack Hunt - OSTAR

SC31-085 Justice: Don Sufcliffe

SC31-028 Susana IV New England to Tahiti

SC31-093 Freidalev Tx-Belize -VI

SC31-001 Nina del Mar - Roger Scott; Greenland, Azores


SC31-001 Nina del Mar

SC31-006 Liberty ; 4 Bermuda 1-2 Races; Charlie Carpenter

SC31-032 Trinka Bella II - Chesapeake - Bahamas


SC31-063 Kent Richardson: 360 Roll in the Gulf Stream

SC31-047 Phoebe Alice; New York-Bermuda - Virgin Islands, South America (currently cruising in the Virgins)
Beth Agnello & Ron Gregoire

SC31-107 Moon Cusser, Newport-Bermuda; Newfoundland, Cape Breton, St. John River New Brunswick

SC31-110 Maikai; Several New England to Virgin Island Voyages; Stein

SC35-011 Cruxhaven; Montreal - Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia, New England

SC35-013; Simmer, Chesapeake to Bermuda; Pat DeGroodt

SC28-016 Stu Heywood, 3 Trips to Bermuda and a Bermuda 1-2 Race

SC31-093 Scott Howard to Bermuda

SC31-032 Trinka Bella II - Chesapeake - Bahamas

SC31-124 Lyra - 3 Chesapeake to Bermuda; Cheseapeake to Bahamas

SC28- Nellie Capt. Jeff Troeltzsch Florida to Belize

Bahamas and other Voyages

SC31-004 Sonnet; Thorndikes
SC31-074 Gaudiator; Erringtons
SC31-124 Lyra
SC31-128 Sea Fever Bahamas - Live Aboard
SC31-099 Secert Roads; DiCesare
SC31 Truant
SC31-094 GWYNPENNON - Traveled the ICW in 1995
spent a year in Hilton Head and in 1996 sailed to the Bahamas spending the winter and spring
in GeorgeTown Exumas and the Abacos returning home in August of 1997.

SC31-148 Apogee: Cruising 17 Years - 2 Transatlantic, Transpacific, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Completed n the
Med - Janet and George aboard Apogee

SC31-085 Doug Peck in Gooney Bird: Following Columbus’s Wake - 87 day non-stop double transatlantic - 1988
SC31-040 Jack Hunt Crystal Catfish III: Two (2) - OSTAR (Observer Single Handed Transatlantic Race) - (one
race 44 days), Bermuda 1-2 Races

Marvin Creamer - Navstar
Marvin was a geologist and explorer who theroized how ancient mariners could navigate without instruments. In
1980 Marvin set sail to prove his theories about SC39 Navstar sailing transatlantic with no instruments.

Membership Application

Joining SCOA is easy. Just fill out this form, make a check payable to SCOA and send it to our
Secretary/Treasurer at the address below. Dont worry if all the info is complete. They will provide you
a new member packet which includes the latest newsletter and member directory along with the
details on how to access the members web site and more. To speed things up you may want to send
an email indicating your interest first as we might be out sailing !

If you have any questions about joining SCOA drop an email to the Commodore too.
Welcome Aboard.
Deborah Duggan
Attn: SCOA
115 Upland Road
Concord, MA 01742

For more information email SCOA contact the Commodore at Deborah_Duggan@hotmail.com
Annual Membership and renewal fees are $25.00

Please make checks payable to SCOA
Name(s) _________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
City ____________________________ State ________ Zip ______
Country ______________________________
Home Phone ________________Work/Cell Phone _______________________
Email ___________________________________________________________
Electronic Delivery Only of the Newsletter? (No paper copy) Y/N __

Boat Name _______________________________________________________

Radio Call Sign Amateur/Commercial __________________________________

Home/Hailing Port _________________________________________________

Southern Cross or Gillmer ______ Length ____39 ____35 ____ 31 ____28

Hull Color _______________ Deck Color______________Sail Number _______

Rig: cutter/sloop________ Factory or Owner Finish _______________________

Significant Modifications ____________________________________________

Hull #_____________________________

Hull Identification Number (This is stamped into the hull on the starboard stern area just below the rubrail.
It begins with the letters CER followed by a series of letters and numbers.

Previously Owned Info (if available) _________________________________________

Significant Cruises______________________________________________________

Planned Cruises________________________________________________________

Southern Cross Store

To Order Contact: Stuart Cody

8 Holton Street Allston, MA 02134-1337
Email; srcody617@gmail.com

Call 617-254-7364

Master & Visa Accepted
Specify Quantity, Size & Color
Short Sleeve Tee Shirts;
Color Grey; Medium, Large, Extra Large - $10 each
Color Blue; Medium, Large - $10 each

Long Sleeve Tee Shirts
Color Blue; Medium, Large, Extra Large - $15 each
Color Blue Medium, Large - $15 each

Burgees -$30 Totes -$13 Hats $13

For Sale

For Sale highlights items, including boats, to purchase or sell. Boat charters are also listed
here. Items may be placed by members for free and will run for at least three months (Unless
we hear otherwise). We do not accept commercial advertising. Email your ad or ask for more
information at Deborah_Duggan@hotmail.com
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Kwiana, formally Sunday’s Child For sale, offered at $139,000
. Home Port: Sutton, Alaska. Currently in Rio Dulce.
Contact; Nancy Dryden dan.dryden@gmail.com
Sunday’s Child is a well kept boat that has been cruised by the present owner for the past
eight years from Nova Scotia, to New England, and throughout the eastern and western Caribbean.
The former, and original, owner had her built in Bristol, Rhode Island by Southern Cross and custom finished the interior,
including an extra tall mast. He sailed her to the Azores, after fitting her with two electric winches and many upgrades.
The current owners continued the refit as described below. Sunday’s Child is a comfortable boat, and was designed for
cruising both offshore and coastal waters. As a double ender,
she is extremely seaworthy, sailing easily in both light and heavy winds and seas. Many spare parts and manuals stay with
the boat. Click here More Details
Posted Jan 2010
For sale, SC 31ft., hull #25 Delfin is now for sale. Her official registry # is 580408 and the Ryder Corp. hull # is
CERSC0251176. She is moored in Tacoma, WA. I had a new Bomar hatch installed, new thru hulls for head intake
and discharge, new Garmin transducer installed but not the rest of the new electronics. New cutless bearing done while
hull repainted summer of 08. New propane grill. Volvo MD11C runs fine, replaced impeller on water pump.
Purchased head and plumbing parts but no time to install. Still need to purchase holding tank. Removed non-functioning
holding tank. Please e-mail me earl1919@netzero.com for further info. A copy of the 5-30-08 survey in PDF form
is available. Market value from survey before above improvements was $35,000. Asking $29,500 or best offer. Thank
you, Earl Henrikson 206-235-0823 Posted Jan 2010
39 SOUTHERN CROSS '82 - Super Rugged and Pretty, She fulfills dreams. Windlass, life raft,
dinghy, wind generator, two state rooms, autopilots, dodger, Bimini, staysail, tuned rigging. Ready to
Asking: $ 83,000 (904) 206-0071 Contact: John Drake drakevt@hotmail.com 904 206 0071

Vessel walk-through: Beginning forward is the master stateroom with a Vberth and two closets,
following aft is the Main Salon with a single settee to port, locker storage under and outboard. On the
starboard is a L-shaped settee with a dining table in the center. There is ample locker storage under
and outboard settees, and in shelves above. Next aft is a U-shaped GALLEY followed by the
navigation station . There is an aft facing chartable with bench seating and ample storage and
instrument installation. On the port side is the Head with separate shower stall. Aft (port) is the guest
cabin with double berth, storage under hanging locker and drawer storage. Included are stereo with
cockpit and cabin speakers.
Equipment Radar GPS - Garmin Chart plotter RayMarine below deck Auto Pilot Monitor Wind vane 2
VHF Radios EPIRB Life Raft Windlass Head with ample locker storage. Separate enclosed shower
area with curtain. Interior is finished in teak and ash

SOUTHERN CROSS 31 - Posted December 2012
Built in 1982
Here’s the info on the SC31 that is currently in Cartagena. That truly would be a beautiful place to
start a cruise of either the Carribean or as we would prefer, through the canal and out into the South
Pacific !
contact: Rina at ridipe@yahoo.com

Southern Cross 31 for sale.
Built 1982
Yanmar 16hp diesel, in excellent
working order. New deep cycle batteries.
Aries self steering, tiler pilot.
2 solar panels.
Bimini, spray hood, sail covers - new.
Recently re-varnished interior.
Cockpit BBQ
4 anchors, 300 feet of chain.
Ready to go - $25000

Posted 11/21/2012

SOUTHERN CROSS 28’, Hull #58Asking $24,5001981 - Posted Feb 2013
Roxanne; is a 1981 Southern Cross 28’, Hull #58, 4’8" draft, Factory Finished with a tiller; 12 hp.
Universal Diesel / Hurth V-Drive, both where completely rebuilt in 2005, the engine and tranney have
worked perfectly since rebuild, uses no oil; There are three deep cell batteries; New Steel Cradle built
in 2008; Hot and Cold pressurized water and a H/C shower 2004, new heat exchanger/115 Volt Water
heater 2005; new Wilcox Head 2009; RaymarineSPX-5 Auto Pilot 2009, Signet Digital Knotmeter and
Depthsounder 2005; Garmin and SiTex GPS units 2009; New Stereo and Alcohol Stove in 2005;
Hood Main, Jib and Stay Sail purchased in 1998, refurbished and restitched by HOOD in 2009, Jib is
on a roller, new dodger and sail covers 2012;

new raw water strainer 2008; Hull Below Water Line completely refinished 2004. New Seacock’s in
2010,New Teak Rub Rail 2003; Rig comes with two anchors (CQR and Danforth), Bumpers, lines,
Shore Power Cord, Life Jackets etc. In 2005 I added two access hatches, one in the cockpit floor for
access to the engine and one in the back for storage and access to the tiller stuffing box.

In respect to the hull, when I purchased Roxanne in 1998 there were at least seven coats of bottom
paint on her, which was flaking off . I removed all the old bottom paint, took her down to the gel-coat,
and put five coats of Pedit Two Part epoxyon her, since the refinish I have used bottom paint sparingly.

There are no moisture issues on the top side or hull. She was tested in the spring of 2011. The mast
is steeped on the cabin deck. No issues with the step.

Roxanne is a blue water cruiser , in my opinion she is excellent in all sailing conditions, she excels in
heavy weather or when it is rocking and rolling, real light winds give her problem. They say she will
sleep five, must all be very small people, but she is quite comfortable for two.

Roxanne has been in fresh water since 1998 prior to that she was on
Long Island Sound. In 1998 a new 10 gallon holding tank was installed
and the over board discharge was sealed up. The electric panel is
original but has been updated with new circuit breakers when needed.

Robert Miille 1060 Bible Hill Rd. St Johnsbury, VT 05819
802-748-5663 rmiille@yahoo.com
Recent Update (9/18/2013)
Own a well equipped Southern Cross Today !
SOUTHERN CROSS 28’, Hull # 3, 1978 Asking $7,500 (price reduce from $12,500) !

Sirius is a 1978 Southern Cross 28, Hull # 3, 4’ 8” draft, Beam 8’6”. Displacement 8500 pounds,
owner finished with a tiller.

Two cylinder 13 hp Volvo Penta Diesel. Two deep-discharge marine batteries 70 – 100 A/H

Yankee Jib – Bohndell Sails 2003; Mainsail and sailcover – Bohndell Sails 2003
Staysail – Age unknown; Furlex jib roller furler.


Two burner alcohol stove
Autohelm 800 Tiller Autopilot
Raymarine 49 VHF, Garmin GPS MAP 492 Chartplotter, Datamarine depth sounder,
Ritchie Magnetic Compass
AM/FM CD Marine Stereo (2 pairs, speakers cabin and cockpit)
Dishes, pots and pans
2 Fire extinguishers
Original head with 2 way discharge valve & holding tank.
Fenders, docking lines etc.
Boathook, Spade Anchor , Danforth Anchor,
200 feet anchor rode
All standing rigging,
most running rigging and railings replaced 2003
Solar panel, 10-watt rail mount
Life ring, 4 standard life preservers

Sirius can be seen at Spruce Head, Maine.
Ready to sail.
Hooper Brooks 914-483-7765

Commodore’s Awards 2002-2011

Please scroll down for latest awards….

The commodore’s Award was created in 2002 through collaboration between Bill Duggan and Bob Boudrot “In
recognition of outstanding accomplishments in a Southern Cross Sailing craft and/or major contributions to
the goals, ideals and perpetuation of the SCOA organization. This award is made by the Commodore and
presented at the annual meeting.

“Janet Murphy & George Smith are Southern Cross 31 owners and world cruisers. They departed the US in
1986 aboard Apogee, hull number 148. Their cruising has taken them twice across the Atlantic, to the South
Pacific and five round trips from New Zealand to Fiji, then to Australia, Malaysia, the Indian Ocean, up the Red
Sea to Israel, Turkey, all through the Med, back across the Atlantic (this time on a transportation ship), up the
Intracoastal and back to New Jersey. George was the 1986 Southern Cross Owners Association Commodore.
They have contributed many very interesting articles for us to enjoy.”

“2-22-2003 - Hello to all our friends at SCOA! We are officially circumnavigators and so is our SC35 Simmer!
We crossed our outbound path at Lat 20.59.6’N/Lon 73.51.2’W (that’s in the Bahamas just west of Samana
Cay) on 13 February 2003. It’s been four years and 2 weeks since we left Georgetown, Bahamas. It feels a
little strange to be returning to familiar anchorages again.” – Pat & Colleen Degroodt

If you would like to know more about their trip or information on Pat’s software called Visual Passage Planner
go to their web site at www.digwave.com.

2005 Commodore Ed Casazza presenting the award to Debbie and Bill Duggan at the Annual Meeting in

Debbie and Bill Duggan were awarded the Southern Cross Commodore’s Award at the Annual SCOA meeting
in February. The Duggan’s are the fourth recipients of the award following in the wake of Janet & George
Smith, Pat Henry and Pat & Colleen DeGroodt. The first three award recipients have circumnavigated and the
Duggans followed their travels by editing and publishing the past 32 newsletters. Debbie and Bill have been
members of SCOA since 1986, Newsletter Editors and past Commodores (twice) and helped establish the
initial web site. Bill and Deb say " Thanks for writing in and sharing your projects, cruising stories, equipment
reviews and recipes for success (and failure). Your contributions have made this newsletter a great success
to all our members throughout the world to further enjoy, maintain and sail their boats. It has been a real
pleasure to provide the newsletters to so many owners and enthusiasts.

Bob and Judy Boudrot were awarded the Southern Cross Commodore’s Award at the Annual SCOA meeting
in February. The Boudrots are the fifth recipients of the award following in the wake of Janet & George Smith,
Pat Henry and Pat & Collen DeGroodt and Bill and Debbie Duggan. The first three award recipients have
circumnavigated and the Duggan’s have compiled and published over 39 newsletters as the SCOA editors
since 1993.

Bob and Judy have been active members since 1997. Bob was Commodore in 1999 when Judy took on the
position as Web Captain, a title she has kept for the past 10 years. Since that time she and Bob have
created a world class owners association web site that is very informative for both members and non
members. The web site and specifically, keeping this up to date and current, has been a major success factor
in keeping the SCOA a strong and vibrant organization.

Thanks on behalf of SCOA for a job well done!

Donna set sail in 2005 from Bristol Rhode Island to sail solo around the world which she completed in August
2007 Donna spent over 300 days at sea, logged 31,400 miles and stopped only twice along the way on
board SC28 hull #65 on this remarkable voyage. Donna is a nurse, a sailor, a mother, grandmother,
musician, writer and advocate for the ocean through her program called OceansWatch (www.oceanswatch.
org) and her own web site at www.donnalange.com

After years of planning a circumsnavigation, Jim and Barb departed California on April 9, 2004 and returned
on February 14, 2009 – five years sailing their Southern Cross 31 round the world. Jim and Barb have are
accomplished sailors, writers, marine engineers and chef’s. They have shared many stories, ideas and
recipes for other Southern Cross Owners. You can find more information on their website:

Interesting Links

Where to Find Other SCOA Members
Jim and Barbara McConn - www.spanishstroll.com

Ryder Classic Yachts, Clarke Ryder - Ryder Classic Yachts

Captain Bob Rice aboard Sabbatical, a beautiful cutter-rigged classic. Cape Sail offers private sailing
charters and a variety of learn-to-sail programs from beginner to advanced - including customized
alternatives to the traditional sailing school.
Bob Rice, http://www.capesail.com

Jocham Matthias - SC31-113 Coco - Circumsnavigation (This site is in German) www.blauwasser.at
Kevin Boothby - Ruth Avery - http://www.boothbyboats.com/

Captain Ed Casazza - Sailing Instruction - Basic boat handling and navigation on the Merrimack River;
Working with paper charts and GPS on the ocean; Sailing at night using chart plotter and radar; Also
offering charters. Contact Ed at www.captain-edcasazza.com

Pat Henry, SC31-Southern Cross - Pat, a former Santa Cruz, California, resident is the first American
woman to sail around the world singlehandedly via the canals. She started and finished her voyage in
Acapulco. She continued up to Puerto Vallarta where her 28-year old Southern Cross 31 Southern Cross
now serves as the flagship for Coming About, her sailing school. When possible she still paints and is part
of the artistic community. Anyone interested in contacting Pat or buying her artwork or just saying hello can
contact her through www.pat-henry.com.
Coming About…any woman’s sailing school* Puerto Vallarta is online now at http://comingabout.com
Check out the latest newsletter at www.pat-henry.com or order a copy of
By the Grace of the Sea: A Woman’s Solo Odyssey Around the World
(McGraw Hill/International Marine/02)
Pat Henry Pat Henry Productions
PO Box 3409
Santa Cruz, CA 95063
Pat & Colleen DeGroodt, SC35-Simmer - Pat and Colleen are son and daughter-in-law of Ralph and
Doris DeGroodt, former members, Commodore, and Newsletter editors of SCOA. Pat and Colleen left on
a round the world voyage in August 1998 from New Jersey to Panama and to the South pacific. they have
been providing updates for the enjoyment and benefit of SCOA. For more info take a look at their website at
Sails, Biminis, Covers…Logos & Insignia’s
Check out Quantum Sails (Thurston Sails) at 401-254-0970
Steve and Neal Thurston have been very supportive of SCOA by attending SCOA meetings and most
recently, they built us a 4’ X 6’ SCOA banner for use at our events.

Interesting sites for Sailors and their families - click on the following
Sea Education Association
Sea Education Association - High School Program
Sea Education Association - Video
Sea Education Association - College Sea Semester Program
Sea Education Association -Science Equipment
Sea Education Association - SEA Home Page

Sites Alive (connects students to learning adventures on land and sea around the world. Allows students to
communicate and learn from theirs www.sitesalive.com

The Blue Water Sailing Club www.bluewatersc.org

Downwind Marine in San Diego. They have SSB capabilities and can secure and ship almost anything you

Marine architect Dieter Empacher of Dieter Empacher Designs www.dieterempacher.com
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